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BMW – after image effect

We had a talk today by our tutor on designing interactions and a BMW advert was shown to give an example of how BMW is changing to identify with their … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurship Module

A┬ávideo that quickly explains the concept of my business as a video prototype   This was a great module that I took at GSA which aimed to give “creative” people … Continue reading

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Presentation time!

Yesterday we had to give a presentation to the rest of our class and tutor, outlining what what we have done to date and how we got there. I felt … Continue reading

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How people reacted to the first computer virus

How people reacted to the first computer virus This is a video of a news report in 1988 when a computer virus was found at MIT. It’s amazing to see … Continue reading

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Video Prototype

This was a video I did as part of my first project (transactions) at Glasgow School of Art for my MSc. Videography was used here during the design process to … Continue reading

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Steampunk Wheelchair

This is a wheelchair design that took first place in one of GrabCADs latest competitions. The brief was to design a wheelchair for Kyron, a 14 year old boy suffering … Continue reading

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Phonebloks – a truly modular phone

Just a quick post to promote an interesting documentary I saw over the weekend. Although it was released in 2009 most of the content is still relevant today. It was … Continue reading

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