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Kids reacting to a Walkman

This video is incredible! It’s amazing how we take for granted the technology today… to the point that kids don’t even know what a cassette player is… or how they … Continue reading

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BEST dad ever…

I’m a huge fan of animated movies and animation in general. I hate when effects look cheap and fake though. I am going to be using a similar effect for … Continue reading

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Keyshot practice – Automotive

I’m forever filtering my way through Keyshots forum. My favourite section is the “amazing shots” section, where Keyshot users post their best work. There is some truly amazing shots on … Continue reading

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The Facebook Effect

The Facebook Effect I love Engadget for it’s too the point news… and I love that there is a Facebook effect even more. I wonder how Facebook will monetize our … Continue reading

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The two pizza test – a group work revelation

J Richard Hackman concluded that four to six members is the best team size for most tasks, that no work team should have more than ten members, and that performance … Continue reading

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BMW – after image effect

We had a talk today by our tutor on designing interactions and a BMW advert was shown to give an example of how BMW is changing to identify with their … Continue reading

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How people reacted to the first computer virus

How people reacted to the first computer virus This is a video of a news report in 1988 when a computer virus was found at MIT. It’s amazing to see … Continue reading

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