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Human Factors – Project hand in

  After a very busy past two months, time is starting to slow back down at last. Coursework deadlines have been met and I now have the rest of the … Continue reading

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Human Factors – Ethnography

Using methods we were taught during our human factors methods workshop I decided what I wanted to discover/learn from the target user. This was largely achieved through initial desktop research … Continue reading

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Human Factors – Project intro

It’s been quite a while since I last posted. Since my last post semester one of my masters program has been completed and 2014 has begun. The winter Olympics is … Continue reading

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A reflective piece on my research

This is a reflective piece as it seems the weeks have just flown by recently. The lead up to Christmas had a lot of project hand in’s and exams. Then … Continue reading

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Transaction Update – Design Iterations and Interim Presenation

It’s been quite some time since my last post, work has gone into overdrive as we approach the end of term 1. The transactions project has progressed quite a bit … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurship Module

A┬ávideo that quickly explains the concept of my business as a video prototype   This was a great module that I took at GSA which aimed to give “creative” people … Continue reading

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Presentation time!

Yesterday we had to give a presentation to the rest of our class and tutor, outlining what what we have done to date and how we got there. I felt … Continue reading

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