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Film Making Elective

A short film exploring how a young woman deals with relationships

This was a film I created for a film making elective I took during my masters at Glasgow School of Art. I took this module because as a product designer it is becoming increasingly more important to be able to take your own designs to market through crowdfunding. A large aspect of crowdfunding is being able to tell your story clearly using the medium of video. So I took this class to develop not only my technical skills (learning how to use adobe premiere, adobe after effects and audacity) but also my creative skills in storytelling.

I have always had an interest in cinema and I wanted to make my short as cinematic and professional as possible. Considering this was my first experience of script writing, developing the story, finding actors, filming myself, editing and sound editing, I am very happy with the result.



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This entry was posted on May 12, 2014 by in Projects.
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