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BEST dad ever…

I’m a huge fan of animated movies and animation in general. I hate when effects look cheap and fake though. I am going to be using a similar effect for a short movie I am about to shoot soon and so the last video really made me think how this person did the effect. I don’t have much experience when it comes to these types of effects but in the small amount research I have done so far for my movie, I can see two options. These effects are usually either greenscreened or rotoscoped. Rotoscoping is what the film industry used before chroma keying came along. However it seems that the latest fad is to make things look more real (obviously we’ve become too used to greenscreen and no longer believe it) by rotoscoping again. By having fluid looking effects on “shaky” handycam footage it instantly looks much more believable and a lot less “perfect”. I can only assume that this is what is done in these videos, which must have taken a great amount of effort and I applaud this father for using his passion in his everyday life… awesome.

For more cute videos of action movie kid check out the youtube page:




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