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Keyshot practice – Automotive

I’m forever filtering my way through Keyshots forum. My favourite section is the “amazing shots” section, where Keyshot users post their best work. There is some truly amazing shots on there by some very skilful people. It always makes me want to learn more and apply my own skills. I have always noticed there are a lot of automotive renders on keyshot and I have always wanted to try my hand at an automotive render. I found a great model of an Aston Martin DBS Volante on Grabcad (great quality!) and thought I’d try my hand at rendering it. I decided I wanted to try a studio shot as outdoor “realistic” shots always look fake. Outdoor shots also need a lot of texture and label work to get the tyres and other parts looking a bit worn and dirty. Instead I opted to try and bring out the beauty and class of the car.

I have always loved Aston Martins, the epitome of British engineering and design in my opinion. Here are a few quick renders I tried. I was impressed with the results I got considering I spent only 1 hour on the renders. I tried to illuminate the headlights to draw focus to the detail in the model in this area, as well as the tyres (by turning them so more detail can be seen). Given more time I could optimise the lighting to really bring out the detail of the bodywork.

aston martin DBS Volante.378

aston martin DBS Volante1




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