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The two pizza test – a group work revelation


J Richard Hackman concluded that four to six members is the best team size for most tasks, that no work team should have more than ten members, and that performance problems increase exponentially as team size increases

I think this is something that I have always felt and certainly noticed during my time here in Glasgow throughout my degree so far. Our design team is very small, which means that any work we do is done in very small groups. I think this has really helped me keep my focus during the degree program so far as I feel I am always being engaged with and never have an opportunity to switch to cruise control. Reading Wired magazine today, a magazine I love and am subscribed to, this was something that was talked about in detail and I think this is one of the reasons why I am so interested in working for a start up or small company. Although with large companies you are still part of a smaller team, I feel that with start ups and smaller companies because there are fewer people, everyone’s focus and energy are much more in-sync. Being able to share your enthusiasm and feel like you are valued is very important to me, and this is much easier in small group sizes. If everyone is in-sync with one another, then less time is needed (and wasted) to update one another on different aspects of a project, meaning project decisions can be made quicker and more efficiently.

I will always remember the two pizza rule for the future use – “teams can be no larger than the number of people who can be fed by two pizzas” Brad Smith, Intuit CEO


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