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Transaction Update – Design Iterations and Interim Presenation

It’s been quite some time since my last post, work has gone into overdrive as we approach the end of term 1.

The transactions project has progressed quite a bit since my last post. When I last posted, we had all just presented our design insights and what we had done to date.

Since then I have been through many design iterations, focussing on different aspect of my product. Using my product and user requirements it was decided early on that the product should be integrated into a chopping board; largely because a chopping board can be found in any kitchen, they usually are found on the counter top (therefore already have a place in most people homes), it would add value to the product whilst also allowing room internally for components.

I have focussed on developing different aspects of the product, in particular the 3D scanning technique for taking 3D images of the food during a scan. The aim is to follow the product requirements and develop a scanning technique that is not intrusive. Another area that has been developed is an area that didn’t initially exist. Due to the product size it would be beneficial if the product didn’t require being moved to transfer chopped items or waste. Instead a removable compartment could be used to transfer these items, as illustrated below. This is by no means the final look of this compartment. In order to determine the optimum placement and shape, concepts will be generated and modelled using cardboard or foam in order to allow user testing to determine the optimum solution.


This week has been dominated by an interim presentation for the project; which we delivered yesterday. This provided me with a useful opportunity to practice developing presentation boards. I feel I communicated my process and design well, with stimulating visuals and a good overall layout linking each page. I agreed with the feedback I got in terms of a need to develop the user experience. One way in which I can do this and show evidence I have done this will be through storyboarding for each user profile I have created, showing how the product can tailor diets to you and provide tailored feedback. In doing this I will be able to validate why my product can be considered a transaction.

I have finished the week by analysing the brief again and attempting to design a rough layout for the design folio and presentation boards so that I have an understanding of what is required before the winter break.

here are the presentation boards I used for my presentation yesterday:







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