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Entrepreneurship Module

A video that quickly explains the concept of my business as a video prototype


This was a great module that I took at GSA which aimed to give “creative” people the tools they need to start their own creative enterprise through guest lectures. Some of the guest speakers were really inspiring, using their own experiences to give us little tips and pointers. I found this refreshing as it wasn’t just the same old basic business theory being spewed at us.

The deliverables for this project was a business plan and a 3 minute pitch. Initially I felt a bit lost with this as I was using the class to pick up skills and knowledge so that one day I could apply them, however it seemed this class was more aimed towards people who already had a business idea and wanted to follow it through. This ended up being of benefit to me though as it really forced me to think about what kind of business I would like to have and run. Having always had a passion for additive manufacture I realised that there wasn’t really and service for additive manufacture in Scotland, never mind Glasgow. Nothing on the scale of Shapeways anyways. I love Shapeways business model however it always annoys me that they don’t offer a “finishing service” to give you the part you want. Instead all they can do is post process your part to make it slightly smoother (at a cost of losing detail). So my basic business model was to mimic Shapeways model, but also offer a service to finish the printed parts to whatever specifications the customer wanted (at an added cost). This would allow for a large volume in sales from simple prints, but also allow for a high quality service which would allow design consultancies to get the fast turnarounds they need.

Here is a quick infographic that I used in my business plan as the executive summary:


Slide1 Slide2




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