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Presentation time!

Yesterday we had to give a presentation to the rest of our class and tutor, outlining what what we have done to date and how we got there.

I felt under prepared for this presentation but found that because I know the subject matter so well, doing the presentation casually and slightly improv turned out to be of benefit. I feel I covered the crucial areas well, outlining why I had chosen the route I had, using facts and evidence brought to light through research. My only gripe with my presentation really was that I spent too long going over the research when it could have been summarised much faster. Had this been an end of project presentation I would have prepared much more for it.

In my last role as a project manager before starting this course, I would often have to give presentations to update my manager and team on my progress. I took a lot of inspiration from an Albert Einstein quote that I have always admired:

“if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

I find that preparing presentations as simply as possible forces you to be as to the point and clear as possible, ensuring you get across what you want to.


When preparing for a big presentation I always take inspiration from Steve Jobs. Although I do not believe Jobs to have been one of the best innovators in the world, I do believe he was a brilliant entrepreneur who was the best in the world at bringing innovators together and inspiring them. He was also in my opinion the best presenter in the world. It is hard to watch one of his keynote presentations and not be excited about what he is offering. Steve Jobs changed the way technology was being presented to the world and here are 5 steps I like to follow, inspired by Jobs:

– Be a storyteller

– know the one critical element of your presentation (then make it clear!)

– Capture your audience (make an immediate personal connection)

– Connect the dots (don’t rely on your audience to connect them)

– end with a bang


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