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Steampunk Wheelchair

This is a wheelchair design that took first place in one of GrabCADs latest competitions. The brief was to design a wheelchair for Kyron, a 14 year old boy suffering from Muscular Dystrophy. The design had to incorporate Kyrons love for steampunk design. 


What I love about this design is not only the aesthetic appeal but how well the designer understood the brief. I came across this design on keyshots forum, which has a great community of people all collaborating and offering insights into how to achieve certain things with the software. I have only recently started using keyshot but already cannot imagine life without it. The way it has been designed and the tools it offers really are astounding and are geared 100% with the user in mind. It is so fast to use, offering real-time ray tracing and lighting with a large variety of materials. What really sets keyshot apart for me though is the level of customisation available. Any material can be edited, any scene lighting can be altered… everything can be customised, which means that I am never restricted in what I can do but only by myself. The level of detail in this wheelchair render is really impressive. Keyshots ability to integrate colour, bump, specular and opacity maps within materials make achieving older more worn materials achievable, as can be seen below.


What I take away from the article is the designers process, which backs up the need to fully understand the brief and constantly refer back to it, as in this case the designer truly wanted to help improve the quality of Kyrons life and this clearly comes across in the level of detail in the design.

Posts like this always inspire me to improve my own rendering and CAD skills; an area of design that I am very passionate about.

Here is the full keyshot blog post –


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