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Phonebloks – a truly modular phone

phonebloks-modular-phoneJust a quick post to promote an interesting documentary I saw over the weekend. Although it was released in 2009 most of the content is still relevant today. It was interesting to see how different countries and cultures deal with design. I particularly enjoyed hearing Dieter Rams talk about what “good design” is for him. I appreciated how he spoke of fashion and how this fast fashion culture we have today is frustrating. I completely agree that if current fashion trends are included into a product, that product is instantly dated, leading to the throw away culture we have today.

A very interesting product concept called Phonebloks is currently gathering momentum and on October 29th they are aiming to show the world that people are interested in a phone worth keeping. This phone is a modular phone where each component is a separate block, so that when a part becomes dated it can simply be replaced. Although in terms of aesthetic design I cannot say I am a fan of this phone I certainly like the idea. What I like most about this concept though is not the environmental benefits this phone would bring but the customisation possible. Because of its modular design the user can choose what is important to them and really make their phone “their” phone. If you travel a lot and battery is important you can simply sacrifice other components to have a larger battery, or if you take a lot of photos why not upgrade the camera?

I will be following this project closely and look forward to seeing whether it becomes a success or not!

I encourage everyone to show their support by watching the video and joining the thunderclap!


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