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Design Ethnography Intro

objectifiedAs the course continues the weeks seem to be flying by faster and faster, so I feel it’s time to take a step back and look back over this past week.

This week we were introduced to Design Ethnography, a methodology for studying culture. This came at a time in our “transactions” project where we all felt we needed a different approach in order to uncover interesting areas for further research. This introduction to Design Ethnography proved extremely useful as it completely opened me up to different ways to explore a problem.

On Thursday we were asked to go to a museum and carry “blue sky” research on how people find their way in a new environment. This was an observational exercise to put into practice skills we had been taught throughout the week as well as experiencing the full process of design ethnography. I found this project extremely useful, especially the coding and theme finding with the raw data we had collected, which turned out some interesting and new insights.

I look forward to applying this less scientific method with the “transactions” project and am intrigued to see what themes and design insights can be obtained.

On a side note: I have always enjoyed talking to people about things that are not always immediately relevant to design. Design Ethnography has reinforced the value of this. Design insights can be found in every aspect of life and it is important to always be inquisitive and ask “why”.


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