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Laser Cutting Awesomeness

In an attempt to make our studio represent who we are as people and designers and to make the place feel a bit more lived in, we decided as a … Continue reading

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Film Making Elective

A short film exploring how a young woman deals with relationships This was a film I created for a film making elective I took during my masters at Glasgow School … Continue reading

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Human Factors – Project hand in

  After a very busy past two months, time is starting to slow back down at last. Coursework deadlines have been met and I now have the rest of the … Continue reading

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Kids reacting to a Walkman

This video is incredible! It’s amazing how we take for granted the technology today… to the point that kids don’t even know what a cassette player is… or how they … Continue reading

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BEST dad ever…

I’m a huge fan of animated movies and animation in general. I hate when effects look cheap and fake though. I am going to be using a similar effect for … Continue reading

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the BEST optical illusion I have ever seen

When I tried this optical illusion and it actually worked it made me think how easily our senses can be tricked. This should be quite a scary concept, but instead … Continue reading

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Keyshot practice – Automotive

I’m forever filtering my way through Keyshots forum. My favourite section is the “amazing shots” section, where Keyshot users post their best work. There is some truly amazing shots on … Continue reading

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